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Once again an action packed training session, but this time we had a couple of small breaks to quickly warm up and get the feeling back in our fingers and toes!

Our session started on the putting green with two different drills set up.  One was around the world where we worked on consistently holing 4-6ft putts. The other was using the gates drill which works on our club face and alignment, two crucial factors to ensure our putts go in the hole. The gate drill is also a fantastic way for reading greens and we advanced through to holing putts consistently from 18ft.

We then moved on to the practice ground where we looked at power.  Power is certainly a good skill to have and can sometimes be one of the main skills needed to lower handicaps. We looked at some throwing exercises which helped timing and sequencing throughout the swing. There were four different exercises. The team then all started to hit 7 irons and tried to replicate the same throwing power feeling. 

Before moving on to the course we looked at one last power concept - the angle of attack with the driver and the difference of set up for a driver than an iron - something which really adds power. 

Moving onto the course everyone played 5 holes which gave Katie and Grant a really good chance to see the long game and short game on the course. Swing tips and course management were given along the way. 

Now for the exciting part, we made our way down to the golf studio to conclude with our session and Katie brought out the table tennis table. Now although this isn't golf, it is really good golf training. It works on speed, strength, coordination and, in this case, agility.  We played around the world which meant hitting the ball over the net and onto the table and having to run around the table quickly (this certainly warmed everyone up).

Like normal the efforts and team spirits were high from everyone. Below are some stunning views from Mullion.

Mullion Feb 18 1Mullion Feb 18 2