Design of CLCGA

This web site has been built using > Joomla

It provides a simple framework to build menus and templates to provide 'THE LOOK'

Templates provide a basic look and feel

Standard Paragrahs: Layout, typographic and color-scheme information is provided by mbedded styles which creats an overall look which is important for our identity.

Bear in mind the following:

  • Underlines are used for web links so do not use them in the text
  • Capital letters tend to 'SHOUT'. It is easier to read ordinary text
  • Be aware when you copy word documents, these contain their own formatting
  • A web page can be very long but a reader likes to find information quickly
  • If you want to link to an outside web make sure it opens in a new page we do not want to lose our place
  • Images can enhance a page but need to beless the 100mb in size. This does not usually show in the resolution.
  • Using moving images or text can be quite distracting and shoul be put in a gallery

Heading Styles - Colours and sizes

These are used to set out the text and are BLACK, differnt sizes and have spacing to searate from the standard text.

Heading 1 

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


These will contain any formating from the source page To keep it consistant 

Header Line #fcd722
Sub Header Line #f9ee39
Border colour  #000000