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As you might imagine, there are a fair number of changes required with the introduction of the 2019 Rules of Golf. They have been drafted and are currently under review prior to inclusion. The plan is to update the website with the new version in the middle of December 2018 (so as not to confuse things too much whilst the 2018 rules are still in place). As the changes occur throughout the manual it will effectively render the printed versions (those that have been in circulation since 2016) well out of date. Currently there are no plans to centrally print a new version of the manual for general release."

Also the CONGU UHS manual on the CONGU website has been updated recently (17th September). Page 10 shows the changes that have been made this year and references the Clause/Page number for ease of identification.

If you have any queries or questions just let me know. If I don't know the answer I will probably know someone who does!

Elizabet Turner - EG Regional Handicap Advisor (Area 8)