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Cornwall Ladies County Golf Association

Vice Presidents Handicap Cup

Inter-Club individual handicap match play competition in two Divisions
Full Difference between the handicaps of the players to be given

Conditions of Play
February 2018

  1. Each Club will hold a knockout tournament, the winner's name and telephone number to be sent in writing to the Competition Secretary by 31st May. Handicap limit genuine 30
  2. Matches will be drawn by the Competition Secretary in two geographic divisions
  3. All matches to be played on neutral greens to be arranged by the players concerned. In the event of two players being members of the same Club, their match may be played on that green subject to the agreement of both players. Matches to be played between June and October
  4. The Competition Secretary will arrange a neutral green and date of the final between the Divisional finalists which will be refereed by an officer of the Association
  5. Players shall walk at all times unless prior permission for use of a buggy has been sought from the Committee which will only be granted on presentation of a certificate (see Appendix) signed by the player's Club Secretary and Lady Captain
  6. Competitors may not engage a professional or assistant professional as a caddie (Rules of Golf 33-1)
  7. Only Competition Handicaps will be acceptable.
  8. Distance Measuring Devices will be permitted