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competitonClipFixtures and Conditions of Play
County Championships and other County meetings, Entry Forms
League as well as KO competitions.

South West Region fixtures

County Prize

Each Club may nominate one competition each year for which the County will give a prize voucher of £15. The handicap allowance to be 54. Competition to be completed in time for voucher to be spent by 30 September each year.



ladiesswing32 lowest gross scores will qualify, in two flights:
first 16 to compete in match play for the Championship: second 16 to compete for the Plate:
the 8 losers in the first round of the Championship to compete for the Advanced Plate

County Match Play

ladiesmatchGammon Trophy. Club Draw at County AGM

Vice Presidents Cup: Each Club Nominates a single player by March 31st

County League: Four Divisions. open to all clubs in Cornwall

County Meetings

00437075County Championships
and other County meetings
Start times and Resu;ts

Entry Forms

Coounty Meetings
Knock Out competitions
and Buggy use

SW region Fixtures


 England Golf events in SW region..

Entry forms and details are available on both England Golf 
and the SW region website

Conditions of Play

competitonClipUpdated edition February 2018

Please note: Conditions relating to recent decisions of delegates are presented in green.
Conditions or parts of conditions relating to events and competitions not yet finalised are presented in orange/brown 

General Conditions

  1. In all competitions where participation and/or the award of trophies is related to age, the definition of a competitor’s age and eligibility is based on their age at midnight on 31st December in the year preceding the year of the competition. This conforms to the rules and practice adopted in many sports, including those applied by England Golf
  2. In accordance with EG policies, the use of buggies in county competitions is permitted for both players and caddies who currently hold a club certificate denoting a medical condition and have registered it with the CLCGA. Where a caddie holds such a certificate and the player does not, the player must walk in the normal way. It is the responsibility of the player to inform the competition organisers of their intention, so that formal authorisation can be given for buggy use in the stipulated competition. Such authorisation will not normally be withheld, but in circumstances where the availability of buggies is restricted or course conditions require limits to be set, the needs of players will take precedence over those of caddies.

Future Fixtures

diaryDates for your Diary: County Meetings, Championships, Inter County Events, Sw Region fixtures


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