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  1. to oversee ladies amateur golf within Cornwall
  2. to organise county events for players of all handicaps and
  3. to support the Cornwall Golf Partnership in achieving its ambition of more players, more members, stronger clubs, winning golfers, outstanding championships, improved image and excellent governanc 





Review/consider  closer working/merger in the light of England Golf’s Governance Review

There are too many organisations involved in running golf and since the creation of England Golf and the production of its Strategic Plan, the case for closer working has become overwhelming



Review funding allocations to ensure they more accurately reflect the priorities in Raising our Game with a view to  providing financial support to the Cornwall Golf Partnership (CGP) in implementing the Action Plan

The CLCGA & CGU have accepted the priorities of the EG Strategic Plan, therefore their own priorities need to change and their funding allocations need to reflect this. The CGP will need resources to actively help golf clubs and the funding from the ESP will not be sufficient if the plan is to be implemented successfully. For example, training/coaching/business, customer care and marketing advice etc. could be organised  for staff and volunteers but would need to be subsidised.



With the CGU review and update the constitution and membership of CGP

The current constitution has been in place since the inception of the CGP and may no longer be fit for purpose. A strong CGP with clear terms of reference is essential.



a) Review county competitions/events to ensure there is provision for golfers at all levels and that  players who are unable to play during the week are not unfairly disadvantaged

b) organise one weekend competition annually

Competitions currently favour non-working golfers and may not attract higher handicap golfers



a) Keep Delegates informed of CGP initiatives designed to increase participation by women and girls, juniors and the disabled and encourage clubs to seek volunteers to help clubs successfully implement such initiatives

b) Help CGP organise  taster sessions at schools/colleges over the autumn  and winter and actively support the event with volunteers

c) seek closer links with smaller courses and ranges which are not yet affiliated

The CLCGA has limited financial resources and staff/volunteer capacity to undertake work directly in support of its priorities, but it can support the work of the CGP which has similar priorities.



Review and monitor annually the work of the Joint Junior Coaching Committee

It is essential to review the junior coaching programme to ensure it is fit for purpose and that it meets the expectations of all those involved



Complete an agreed annual programme of course rating

All courses are required to be rated/re-rated over the next ten years following the EG decision that only the USPGA system would be used (previously the men used the old EGU system) and an annual programme of roughly 3 to 4 courses per year has been agreed.



Review County Card scheme, the impact of reciprocal arrangements between clubs and how the scheme might be revised to increase revenue

Revenue from County Cards has fallen significantly.



Explore a standard team uniform/kit for men and women and create  a sales/shop outlet for this

It makes sense for all county players, whatever their sex, to be dressed in the same uniform. Savings could be made in purchase



Monitor and evaluate progress on implementation of the county action plan